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Wellington Home Education Network is a society incorporated under New Zealand law to support home educators and encourage home education as an educational choice in New Zealand. We are governed by rules registered under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. Please read our rules before you join.

If you would like to join the Wellington Home Education Network please fill out our Online Membership Application Form.

It is $10 a year to be a member of WHEN

Please read our privacy statement and how we work.

What membership pays for

Unlike more informal groups, there are costs as a formal group. As an Incorporated Society we have to comply with certain rules and regulations, such as:

  • Hiring an auditor once a year
  • Holding an AGM
  • Operating a bank account

Other costs specific to us include:

  • the WHEN library
  • Library and hall hire
  • website update and management
  • web hosting

Being a formal organisation gives us benefits including access to events that usually only school groups would have access to.

Details of some of the services.

Directory of Families

Most members agree to including their contact details, the names and ages of their children, and the materials they use, on a list which is circulated amongst members. This list is confidential.

This list helps members identify and contact other home educators who live nearby, have children of similar ages, use particular materials or espouse a particular philosophy.

You may elect to have your details remain confidential.