How we work

Rules of Wellington Home Education Network Incorporated


  1. 1.1 The name of the Society is “Wellington Home Education Network Incorporated” ( “the Association”).
  2. 1.2 “Wellington Region” as used in these rules refers to the area covered for the time being by the Wellington Regional Council.
  3. 1.3 “Home educate and “Home education” as used in these rules refer to the situation where a parent or guardian has accepted responsibility for the education of one or more of their children who is not enrolled in school. That is, those who have an exemption under section 21 of the Education Act 1989, or whose children are not attending school in anticipation of receiving an exemption under section 21 of the Education Act 1989.


  1. 2.1 To promote home education as a positive educational choice for the benefit of the public of the Wellington Region;
  2. 2.2 To educate and assist parents who home educate or who are considering home educating in the Wellington Region by providing support including the provision of, but not limited to, newsletters, resource libraries,directories, outings, meetings, workshops, seminars and other activities which provide social, intellectual, and emotional support to members.
  3. 2.3 To recognise the Association was established to encourage and to maintain a cooperative and supportive group which recognises and values the diversity in our membership. This requires that all members accept each other and focus and work together on common ground.
  4. 2.4 To encourage and assist home educating parents to foster the fullest development of their children’s potential;
  5. 2.5 To support home educators from other areas and also home educators in the Wellington Region who do not join the Association, without adversely affecting the support of Full members;
  6. 2.6 To network with other home education groups which are open to all who wish to join;
  7. 2.7 To provide members with basic information to home educate their children lawfully. The Association does not provide legal or advocacy services;
  8. 2.8 To acquire and manage, efficiently and ethically, financial and other assets as the administrators deem relevant to these objects;
  9. 2.9 To do any other act which the administrators of the Association deem relevant to these objects.


  1. 3.1 Membership of the Association shall consist of two classes: Full and Associate. People who send a completed application form with the relevant fee will be accepted as members in the appropriate class, subject to confirmation of acceptance by the administrators. The Incorporated Societies Act 1908 requires that all members be enrolled in the register of members. In accordance with privacy laws, members may request that some or all information provided by them on joining the Association not be included in membership lists circulated to members. Members who do not wish to have any details circulated will not.